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Open letter to Premier Wynne

Open letter to Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

When you became Premier, you committed to a more open and accountable government and to give municipalities more say in issues and projects that had significant impact on their citizens. In your throne speech you committed to listening to the needs of communities and ensuring that local towns and cities had more “say” in proposed development projects.

They must have a voice in their future and a say in their integrated, regional development so that local populations are involved from the beginning if there is going to be a gas plant or a casino or a wind plant or a quarry [or a landfill] in their hometown. Because our economy can benefit from these things but only if we have willing hosts.

Province ignores concerns raised by city!

The province of Ontario gives city a slap in the face with approval of new dump.


“I’m pissed.” says Eli El Chantiry

West end councillors are disappointed and tick-off with provincial approval of new dump.