Environmental Compliance Approval application ready for comment

Waste Management of Canada Corporation (WM) has submitted an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) application to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) for the West Carleton Environmental Centre (WCEC) landfill expansion (better known as the Carp Mountain). ECA documents can be reviewed on the Waste Management website http://wcec.wm.com/index.asp . Comments and questions on the proposal can be sent to Mr. Tesfaye Gebrezghi at Tesfaye.Gebrezghi@ontario.ca .
The landfill expansion will cover an area of 38 hectares and reach an elevation of 155 meters. It will have a volume of 6,500,000 cubic meters and take up to 400,000 tonnes of garbage each year.


In 2010 Waste Management showed us their “Vision” for the new West Carleton Environmental Centre. Note they chose to show a closed landfill and a number of recycle facilities (very green).

WM vision




Now that they have presented their plan to the City in a rezoning application we see that they only discuss the landfill with no reference to recycle facilities. This is a more likely vision of what things will look like.






So much for their Vision. What else have they said that we should take with a grain of salt?

Waste Management is Backtracking on its Diversion Commitments

Waste Management of Canada (WM) is reneging on its commitment to diversion and recycling operations at the proposed new West Carleton Environmental Centre (WCEC) on Carp Rd. These commitments include; a Material Recycling Facility; a Construction and Demolition Material Recovery Facility; a Residential Diversion Facility; an Organics Processing Facility; and an Electronic Waste Handling Facility.


West Carleton Environmental Centre – MRF3

West Carleton Environmental Centre – OPF

Coalition presents concerns to ARAC.

Further to the detailed coalition report submitted to City planner Ms. Cheryl McWilliams on June 4th, additional comment and response to the City of Ottawa June 23 rd staff report was presented to the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee for consideration at their July 3rd meeting.

July 2, Press Release ZoningPR_FINAL(02Jul14)

July 2, comment report to ARAC July 2 2014

June 23, City Staff report City rezoning report on a new landfill

June 4, Coalition report and comment on zoning amendment application community comment on zoning application File Number D02_02_14_0015

2001 settlement agreement 2001 settlement agreement

Arcadia1 june 2014c

City set to approve zoning for new landfill

City staff have recommended that Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) recommend Council approve rezoning of land required for a new landfill on Carp Road. In a report to ARAC city staff responded to community concerns in a way that very much supportive of the proponent and the proposed landfill.

ARAC will consider this zoning application at their meeting Thursday, July 3, 2014. The meeting will be held at 4 p.m. in the Champlain Room, City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa. You are encouraged to attend the meeting and present your views. I you can’t attend please email your concerns to  Committee Co-ordinator Marc Desjardins  Marc.Desjardins@ottawa.ca.

Please let all your friends and neighbours know about this very important report and meeting.

City rezoning report on a new landfill        community comment on zoning application File Number D02_02_14_0015

Arcadia1 june 2014c



In the Environmental Assessment, Waste Management committed to: “The West Carleton Environmental Centre (WCEC) will create up to 75 new green jobs in waste diversion, disposal and green energy facilities”. The only part of the WCEC that is being presented to the City and Province during zoning and Environmental Compliance approvals is the landfill. So I guess the green jobs will look like this.

landfilll jobs2


Environmental Research Foundation : what you should know about landfills

The Environmental Research Foundation gives a good description of modern landfills and what can go wrong.



A review of the zoning amendment application for the new dump is seriously flawed. As it stands the City should reject the application. How can a company that makes so many errors in a simple application to the City be expected to build and operate a safe garbage dump. Let your Councillor know what you think about such a poor document.

community comment on zoning application File Number D02_02_14_0015

MOE shows dismissal of community concerns!

Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the Coalition of citizen
groups fighting a new landfill on Carp Rd. seem to show dismissal of community
concerns and a bias on the part of MOE officials in favour of Waste Management
of Canada (WM) – the company building a new landfill on Carp Rd.  The
alleged bias is based on obvious, comments favourable to WM by the MOE;
internal MOE emails; emails between the MOE and the proponent; and the untimely
release of the documents – after the Environmental Assessment had been approved.






FOI extracts003


Don’t Let Ottawa Go To Waste releases a NEW STUDY..


But whose garbage is it?