Tempers flare at landfill meeting


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West Ottawa residents trashed plans for a new dump to replace the nearly full Carp Rd. facility at a public meeting Tuesday evening. Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP Norm Sterling led the charge, saying local residents had already accepted enough of the area’s garbage. “It’s time for someone else to take this on,” he said to applause.

He set the tone for civility. “That’s bull,” he said,

Reaction to WM proposal unfavourable

I have attended two of the open houses and one of the workshops and I would take issue with the statement “Public reaction has generally been favourable so far …”  Most of the people I talked to at the open houses were not happy with the answers they were getting regarding a new 6.5 million cubic meter landfill in the middle of their community.

I had to check the date of the newspaper to make sure it wasn’t dated April 1st.

I read the EMC headline entitled “WM receives mostly positive feedback for its proposed environmental centre” and I had to check the date of the newspaper to make sure it wasn’t dated April 1st.

Did the EMC interview any residents and ask their opinion for this article?

I attended the WM open house in Stittsville where I met and spoke with a few local residents.

Not one person I spoke with had anything positive to say about the proposal. Bottom line, the proposal is to open a new dump and take in 400000 tonnes of garbage per year to create another garbage mound. That is the message that I and every resident I have spoken with took away from the open house – that is NOT positive feedback!!!

No landfills, please

The Ottawa CitizenApril 30, 2010

Re: Mayor to fight dump expansion, April 23.

I fail to understand why Ross Wallace from Waste Management is disappointed at Mayor Larry O’Brien’s emphatic stand opposing Waste Management’s proposed new landfill on Carp Road. He should have expected it.

What politician would want a new mega-landfill as part of a political legacy? This is especially true in Ottawa, where the city has made a significant political and economic investment in an emerging technology, Plasco.

A new landfill in Ottawa would threaten this city’s stated goal of 60-per-cent diversion and would negate the opportunity to use Plasco as a viable solution for industrial, commercial and institutional waste. Ontario doesn’t need more landfills. It needs more diversion and cleaner, more sustainable disposal technologies such as Plasco.

Olivia Nixon,


Richardson Corridor Community Association

There are alternatives to Carp Road landfill

Article 27 Apr 2010 Ottawa Citizen

Re: We need ideas, not just landfill opposition, April 25. It is disappointing to read columnist Randall Denley’s endorsement of the proposed Carp Road landfill expansion by Waste Management.

I also find distasteful and unfair his mockery of Mayor Larry O’Brien and Stittsville Councillor Shad Qadri that they are just posturing to please the residents who live in Stittsville and the area around the existing landfill site without offering alternatives. These two leaders know there are better alternatives available and they also have actively worked on them. Despite the claims that today’s landfills are clean

Landfill doublespeak!

Waste Management is inconsistent between PR material and answers to questions.

PR material both in print and on the official Website states that “the new West Carleton Environmental Centre proposed by Waste Management can achieve 60% diversion of materials away from landfill”. Yet when pressed by the public and city councillors on how this target will be reached and on what schedule Waste Management representatives admit their goal is about 10% diversion with no specific schedule.

Qadri dumps on landfill


Blair Edwards

April 21, 2010

The latest plan to build another landfill at Waste Management’s Carp Road site still stinks, said Stittsville Coun. Shad Qadri. Under the plan, the dump will take in 500,000 tonnes of industrial, institutional and commercial garbage per year, diverting 100,000 tonnes from the landfill through recycling and composting. “This day and age, given all the other technology available,

Sterling leads community and municipal leaders in renewed fight against Carp Dump

(Queen’s Park, Toronto) –Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP opposes the new plan to expand the Carp Dump released yesterday by Waste Management and vows again to do everything he can to fight this second expansion plan.

“It was four years ago this month I joined more than 300 residents of Stittsville at a rally to oppose the dump expansion,” said Mr. Sterling. “That spring I also introduced petitions opposing the expansion signed by almost 10,000 people. I will be drafting a new petition and working with the Stop the Dump group again to make sure the landfill is closed for good.”

Coalition Opposes New Dump

Waste Management proposal to nearly double the size of existing Carp Rd. landfill

Despite green components, project is almost the same as what was rejected in 2007


Wednesday, April 14, 2010 (Ottawa) – Despite being slickly presented and packaged as a multi-purpose and green environmental facility, Waste Management’s (WM) proposal to expand the Carp Rd. Landfill, is essentially more of the same – a request for a very large landfill expansion. At 400,000 tonnes per year, over a 10 year period, the proposed new landfill would almost double the size of the existing Carp Rd. landfill. In all likelihood, at end of the proposed 10-year timeframe, the company would seek an extension – leading to yet another huge mountain of garbage to grace the landscape along the Carp Rd.

Landfill neighbours not impressed with expansion plans

Landfill neighbours not impressed with expansion plans


Last Updated: April 13, 2010 7:25pm

Waste Management’s revamped Carp landfill plan is being met with skepticism from a community that was up in arms to block expansion attempts three years ago.

“The more things change, the more things stay the same,” said Olivia Nixon, a West Carleton resident who helped form a citizen’s coalition to fight the landfill’s expansion in 2007. Nixon said the community is still very much opposed to the landfill, which she called the “worst environmental option” available for handling waste.