How to build a dump in 43 years

1968 – Sand and gravel pit.

1971 – CoA for a landfill (Newill Realty Ltd.). The CoA of this era had little or now environmental protection requirements. Little or no control on what was deposited in the site.

1971-1986 uncontrolled garbage deposited in old sand pits often water filled.

1986 – First complaint about possible groundwater contamination and an MOE order operator to supply city water to residences and businesses south of the 417.

1987 – Detailed groundwater studies determined groundwater flow to the Northeast.

1988 Jan. – Laidlaw Waste Systems Ltd. Purchased the site from Newill.

1988 – Municipal water supply put in for residence on Carp rd. and Lloydalex  rd. and some businesses in the Westcar business park.

1991?? – Liner in the front 8.2 hectares of the new cell. (to permit acceptance of sewage sludge)

1994 – New CoA.

1996 – Canadian Waste Services (later named Waste Management of Canada) purchased the site from Laidlaw.

1998 – Start of purge well system to contain leachate migration off site.

1998 to 2000 WM purchased 4 homes on Carp road (litigation and groundwater issues)

2000 to 2005? WM purchased 4 other homes & farms on Carp road and 4 homes on William Mooney and 1 home on Richardson Side rd.

2001 – Purge well system operational.

2002 onwards – odour complains increased.

2002 – Provincial Officer Order POO related to off site groundwater contamination.

2004 – Landfill gas extraction system stared.

2006 – Draft terms of reference (TOR) for landfill expansion.

2006 – Community presents report to MOE highlighting groundwater contamination.

2006 – WM purchases about 70 acres east of landfill as a contaminate attenuation zone CAZ because of off site groundwater contamination.

2006 – Community Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) appeal of CoA amendment to allow second enclosed flare, gas to energy plant, bioremediation of contaminated soils.

2007 – Self directed mediation of ERT appeal. Agreement reached in September 2007. The Carp Landfill Community Liaison Committee (CLCLC) one of the outcomes of the agreement. ( )

2007 – first POO (May) for odour problems

2007 –  Second POO (Nov) for odour problems

2007 –  WM used bio-solid waste from sewage plant to cover landfill leads to extreme odours.

2007 – opens landfill to remove north access road leads to extreme odours

2006 to 2009 community database collects over 7,200 odour complaints

2008 – First CLCLC meeting.

2009 – Completion of the landfill gas collection system. (actually new collection wells drilled in 2010 & 2011

2009 – Completion of the gas to energy plant.

2010 – WM applies for changes to beanie cap installation due to poor planning & management

2010 – WM purchases about another 70 acres of land east and southeast of landfill to extend CAZ

2011 – granted CoA amendment to open the existing landfill on south and north sides to add garbage in compensation for settlement odours expected.

2011 – last load of garbage landfill closed

2011 – WM applied to construct a leachate treatment facility.

2011 – WM applied to construct a waste transfer station and Construction & demolition diversion facility

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