No landfills, please

The Ottawa CitizenApril 30, 2010

Re: Mayor to fight dump expansion, April 23.

I fail to understand why Ross Wallace from Waste Management is disappointed at Mayor Larry O’Brien’s emphatic stand opposing Waste Management’s proposed new landfill on Carp Road. He should have expected it.

What politician would want a new mega-landfill as part of a political legacy? This is especially true in Ottawa, where the city has made a significant political and economic investment in an emerging technology, Plasco.

A new landfill in Ottawa would threaten this city’s stated goal of 60-per-cent diversion and would negate the opportunity to use Plasco as a viable solution for industrial, commercial and institutional waste. Ontario doesn’t need more landfills. It needs more diversion and cleaner, more sustainable disposal technologies such as Plasco.

Olivia Nixon,


Richardson Corridor Community Association