Open Letter To Jack MacLaren, a member of the Coalition of Citizen Groups opposed to a new landfill on Carp Rd., has never and will never support a new landfill on Carp Rd. as a dumping site for Ontario industrial, commercial and institutional waste.

In a recent debate on Rogers Television, Progressive Conservative candidate for the riding of Carleton Mississippi Mills, Jack MacLaren, stated that the “nodump people” were accepting of  is concept to build a new landfill as a “temporary” measure and then work towards incineration for garbage.  Maclaren went on to suggest that when the incineration technology is ready, “we can dig up the landfill and incinerate the contents.”

This is NOT the position of There is nothing more permanent than a mega-dump and  the inevitable related contamination.

“ does not support a new dump on Carp Rd. for any reason,” says Harold Moore a Coalition volunteer with “The idea of building a landfill now and digging it up later to burn in an incinerator doesn’t make sense and is likely not even possible. The smell alone would be a serious deterrent to even considering doing what Jack is suggesting.  Jack’s comments demonstrate his lack of understanding of the issue and the options available.” The Coalition supports the 4 Rs concept to handle Ontario waste.

  1. REDUCE: Manufactures must be encouraged to reduce the amount of materials they use in production, packaging and marketing their products. The less we put into the waste stream the less has to be handled.
  2. REUSE: If materials can be removed from the waste stream and reused over and over then minimal effort and energy is required to handle them. One of the best examples is beer bottles and grocery bags. This concept can and should be encouraged for other products like wine bottles etc.
  3. RECYCLE: Products that can’t be reused for their original use but have inherent value must be removed from the waste stream and processed for recycling into alternate materials and products. Examples of this are paper, organics, and aluminum.
  4. RECOVERY: Materials that don’t offer inherent value for recycling into new materials and products have an energy value that can be recovered through modern, clean and efficient energy from waste technologies.

In jurisdictions where the 4Rs have been implemented, the amount of waste heading to landfill is small, often less than 10 percent of the total waste collected. Presently, Ontario sends about 85 percent of ICI waste to landfill, much of which should and could be diverted and/or recycled.