Community Rejects Second Terms Of Reference

A quick review of the new Terms Of Refernce recently released by Waste Mangement shows that little has changed. Once again the coalition of community groups agains the dump submitted a massive response the the TOR. This respose along with continous wide spread odours from the dump and ongoing groundwater contamination lead Waste Management to once again withdraw their Terms Of Refernce.

Waste Management re-submits Terms of Reference

Waste Management says they have reviewed public comments and have modified their Terms of Referene (TOR) accordingly. They say the new TOR provides a much improved document that will lead to a landfill that will be valued by the local community.

Community finds out about groudwater contamination

After several meetings with the Ministry of Environment and Waste Management; Coalition members have been advised that there is off site groundwater contamination by leachate from the dump on Carp road. In fact they were informed that Waste Management has been under a Provincial Officier Order since 2002 for groundwater contamination.

Waste Management withdraws Terms Of Reference

Based on community opposition to a new dump as represented by a massive submission of comments; Waste Management has withdrawn their proposed Terms Of Refernce saying they have asses their position and make changes to the ToR.

Coalition submits comments on Terms of Reference

 The coalition of community groups against a new dump on Carp Road has submitted comments on the Terms of Reference for a new dump to the MOE. The submission is a massive document made up four volumes with thousands of comments from from hundreds and hundreds of people.

Coalition of Community Groups Set To Fight A New Dump

In response to a proposed new dump at the Carp Road site, A number of Community Groups have joined forces in a Coalition to fight the proposal. The Groups is currently developing a respose to the propsed draft Terms of Reference for an Environmental Assessment.

Waste Management proposes to triple the dump

Waste Management has proposed to expand the current Carp road Dump to three times it’s current size. This news was a complete shock to the community as everyone was under the impression that the dump would close in a few years. The idea that the disgusting odours will continue for many more years was more than the community could stomach.