City of Ottawa posts comments on the EA.

The city of Ottawa has posted detailed comments on the EA report for the expanssion to the Carp Dump.

Please take the time to review what your city is saying about the proposal. If you wish you can use the city comments and restrictions as a basis for your own comments to the MOE at . If you support some of what the city has said to restrict the landfill please let MOE know of your support.

Ottawa Citizen October 10, 2012 article on the city comments. Expanded Carp Road landfill should be smaller, limited to Ottawa, Lanark waste: city staff

New Letter Templates to MOE Now Available!

Here are three letter templates you can use to send your comments to the Minister of the Environment, and outline your concerns about a new dump in your neighbourhood. You can open the letters in MS Word and edit as you see fit. Once you have your letter prepared you can email a copy to the Minister or you can print it; sign it and mail it to the Minister. You can also copy and paste the letter to an email to be sent to the Minister. Ask your friends and family to send letters too. If you wish you can still us the Letter Generator on the website to compose a letter. Together we can stop the dump.

Thank you.

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September 14, 2012 Waste Management submitted the final Environmental Assessment (EA) report for a major expansion to the garbage dump on Carp Road to the MOE. The public (that’s you) has until November 2, 2012 to submit comments to MOE; after which time the MOE will prepare a review of the submission. All the documents associated with the EA can be reviewed and downloaded at . We need everyone to review at least parts of the of the EA (be it odour, groundwater, property values, the lack of need for a landfill etc.) and to submit their concerns to,

Jeffrey Dea                                                                                                         
Project Officer
Ministry of the Environment
Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch
2 St. Clair Avenue West, Floor 12A
Toronto, ON M4V 1L5
Tel: 416-314-7213/1-800-461-6290
Fax: 416-314-7774

The more comments the better.


Case Study:

  • 1.2 hectare1 Property (landfill) that was filled in with a wide variety of materials (cinders, ashes, metals, wood, glass)1 at the turn of the twentieth century2.
  • Estimated waste quantity 9,000 cubic metres impacted soils and 1,000 cubic metres of waste1.
  • Contamination of concern: arsenic, boron, lead and zinc exceeding MOE criteria;  manganese and sodium exceeding 1994 MOE Ontario Drinking Water Objectives1.
  • Development proposal for the property requires a detailed Certificate of Property Use (CPU)2 which requires considerable engineering and financial commitments to contain contamination.
  • The CPU also restricts land use “Refrain from using the Property for any of the following use(s): Any type of property use specified in O.Reg.153/04, other than Parkland Use” and “Refrain from constructing any building for human occupancy.”2.

Where is this property? Lansdowne Park.  

If a small (1.2 hectare, 10,000 cubic meter) hundred year old  landfill can have this type of impact; what impact will the 8,744,000 cubic meter Carp Dump have in the future? Why would a dump expansion even be considered?


1 Old Landfill Management Strategy; Phase 1 – Identification of Sites City of Ottawa, Ontario. 2004.

2 Draft Certificate of Land Use for Lansdowne Park development.


Ministry of Environment says “Waste Management has taken steps to control off-site leachate impacts in the groundwater through various real estate transactions and groundwater use restrictions in defined areas.”  “There are no residential wells impacted”.  “Leachate impacts to groundwater at this site are not a public health concern”.Local office

This is true but if we look at the private source wells in the vicinity of the landfill we see that nearly all of them have been abandoned, many as a direct result of groundwater contamination. Is it fair to say there is no public health concern just because everyone has stopped drinking contaminated water? Isn’t the contaminated water still there?


The entry deadline for the Earth Day Video/Poster Contest has been extended to October 31, 2012. The original deadline was too close to the end of the school year and exam time. We`ll also be opening up the contest to all students in the Ottawa region – stay tuned for more news on the contest in the fall. 

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In 2007 Waste Management presented information on Energy from Waste as a possible option for Carp Road. Spokesman Wes Muir was reported in the Ottawa Citizen as saying 

“We anticipate that as we progress with our revised terms of reference, we’ll be discussing more and more of this technology,” Mr. Muir said. “Once we have an approved terms of reference, obviously we’ll be talking in a lot more detail regarding what an EFW component of this facility would look like.”

We are now half way through 2012 and Waste Management has almost completed an Environment Assessment for an expanded DUMP on Carp Road. What happened to the EFW? It seems they will say anything to get what the want.


Waste Management of Canada is proposing to expand the Carp Road Dump by four million tonnes which will almost double the size of the current site which has past and ongoing  problems with groundwater contamination, odours, traffic, litter, seagulls and crows (see details in our issues section). The company has been carring out an Environmental Assessment for the proposal and will soon submit it to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. You can get involved by learning more and being heard. One easy way is to send the Minister and the company an email by using the LETTER GENERATOR tool on our home page.


The Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) has commented on the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed new landfill on Carp Road. Of interest is the lengthy list of comments by Jeffrey Dea the Project Officer for the project (Project Officer).

Project officer    Air emissions 1      Air emissions 2     Noise      Engineering

Surface water      Local office       Waste management policy      Leachate



A review of the groundwater existing conditions report shows that the site of the proposed landfill is on a very vulnerable groundwater aquifer.   page 7.

Groundwater studies carried out for the City of Ottawa and the Mississippi-Rideau source protection region of the Ontario Drinking Water Source Protection Program in 2001, 2004 and 2009 all classify the aquifer at the site of the proposed new landfill as having a high to very high vulnerability for  contamination. How can the province ever approve to put a garbage dump over such a vulnerable resource, that once contaminate is almost impossible to clean up