Waste Management of Canada Corporation (WMCC) is proposing to nearly double the size of their landfill operation in the west end of Ottawa the National Capital of Canada. Disposal of solid waste by burying it in the ground has long been the preferred option because it is perceived to be the cheapest. This superficial notion ignores the costs of long term environmental impacts and the loss of valuable resources.

Modern Energy From Waste (EFW) technologies can effectively recover the energy locked up in the waste,

Residential taxes subsidizing transport/treatment of toxic leachate

March 5, 2012 (Ottawa) –  Waste Management of Canada Ltd. (WM) has been paying a rate of $.65/cubic meter that the city charges industry for separate source wastewater disposal, to dispose of hundreds of millions of litres of contaminated wastewater (leachate) from its Carp Road landfill via the city sewer system. In 2012, residential ratepayers will pay $1.64/cubic meter, more than double the WM rate,

Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) – Available for Review and Comment

March 2, 2012 – A Draft EA report is available for stakeholder review prior to the submission of a Final EA.  The Draft EA review period will last for 7 weeks beginning the week of March 5, 2012 and ending on April 27, 2012.  Stakeholders are asked to provide their comments on the Draft EA to us by April 27, 2012 for consideration in the development of the Final EA.  Comments can be provided to us for consideration in preparing the Final EA by: email at or; fax at (613) 831-2849; or mail at 254 Westbrook Road, Ottawa, K0A 1L0 Attn: Cathy Smithe.

Let them know what you think.

We Must Learn From History

For the past 27 years I have lived about one and a half kms. from the current Carp road landfill. When I went the first open house for the current site in 1987, I asked all the same questions that people today are asking. How big will it be? How long will it operate? Will my family be impacted? Etc.

I was told it should be full in about 11 years and there will be little impact on the community and in fact there will be community benefits.

Open Letter To Jack MacLaren, a member of the Coalition of Citizen Groups opposed to a new landfill on Carp Rd., has never and will never support a new landfill on Carp Rd. as a dumping site for Ontario industrial, commercial and institutional waste.

In a recent debate on Rogers Television, Progressive Conservative candidate for the riding of Carleton Mississippi Mills, Jack MacLaren, stated that the “nodump people” were accepting of  is concept to build a new landfill as a “temporary” measure

If You Own a Dump Why Divert Material?

In 2011 Waste Management (WM) and the NCC both demolished houses of similar size. The NCC diverted 94% of the material from their house from landfill disposal. WM sent 100% of their house to their landfill. So if you are the owner of a dump then there is little insentive to try to recover and divert material.


Last load of Garbage

May 20, 2011 the last truck of garbage dumped it’s load at the Carp Raod dump. Although there is still some final grade work to be done the dump is now closed to garbage.

Millions Paid for Contaminated Land

Over the years Waste Management (WM)  has paid millions of dollars to by land that has been contaminated by leachate impact groundwater. For years the groundwater has been contaminated by leachate leaking from the Carp Road dump. Slowly this contamination has spread off site to land down slope from the dump. Under provincial government regulation WM must clean up this contamination or buy the land so it can monitor the rate of contamination. Therefore WM has purchased nearly 140 acres of contaminated land. It seems that seems it is okay to contaminate your own land but if you impact your neighbour you just have to buy his land and everything is okay. How much more land will need to be purchased??

MOE Questions Dioxin & Furan Emissions

An MOE review of stack emission tests for the new landfill gas engines at the WM landfill gas to energy plant, questioned variability in the Dioxin and Furan values and the data collection process. Based on the review MOE suggested that the testing should be redone. It is interesting to note that the dioxin & Furan emissions from the WM engines are 10 to 300 times greater than the emissions from the Plasco gas engines.

How to build a dump in 43 years

1968 – Sand and gravel pit.

1971 – CoA for a landfill (Newill Realty Ltd.). The CoA of this era had little or now environmental protection requirements. Little or no control on what was deposited in the site.

1971-1986 uncontrolled garbage deposited in old sand pits often water filled.

1986 – First complaint about possible groundwater contamination and an MOE order operator to supply city water to residences and businesses south of the 417.