Property Value Protection – Are you in or out?

Waste Management wants to expand its dump on Carp Rd.

Is your home included in Waste Management’s (WM) proposed Property Value Protection plan if an expansion of the Carp dump is approved?  It might be – but only if you live within 500 metres of the proposed new landfill footprint. That is the range that WM has floated as a possibility. The 500 meters is based on a minimum distance mandated by Provincial Government guidelines. But, 500 meters is woefully inadequate when living beside a mega dump like the Carp Rd. landfill.

There are a few problems with what Waste Management has proposed!

  • As past experience has shown odour from a new landfill will travel far beyond 500 metres and be a nuisance and trespass to thousands of nearby homeowners.
  • In 2007 odours from the landfill were reported from as far as 8 kilometers from the dump.
  • Truck traffic can impact road congestion for several kilometers around a landfill.
  •  The active landfill will be visible from many locations including Kanata some 5 kilometers away.
  • Groundwater contamination from the existing landfill has been found as far as 500 plus meters from the site and in some places the outer limit has not been defined.
  • Research indicates a mega dump will negatively impact property values well beyond 500 meters.
  • Per WMs Terms of Reference for the Environment Assessment, WM committed to consulting with the community to develop a Property Value Protection plan during the Environmental Assessment process. This has not happened.

On January 25th, Waste Management held a technical session on PVP.  The majority who attended were soundly disappointed with the skewed information that was presented and the lack of meaningful commitment from the company to come through on its promise to develop a meaningful PVP.

At that session WM committed to holding another session on PVP but to date none has been planned.

If you are as upset as we are about WM’s lack of commitment to PVP, let the Ontario Minister of the Environment know that WM is not fulfilling its obligations per the Terms of Reference for the proposed expansion of the dump on Carp Rd. You deserve to know NOW if your property is “in” or “outside” of WMs PVPP.

Minister of Environment

The Honourable Jim Bradley
Minister of the Environment
77 Wellesley Street West
11th Floor, Ferguson Block
Toronto ON
M7A 2T5

PVP – Map I

PVP – Map II

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