Sterling leads community and municipal leaders in renewed fight against Carp Dump

(Queen’s Park, Toronto) –Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP opposes the new plan to expand the Carp Dump released yesterday by Waste Management and vows again to do everything he can to fight this second expansion plan.

“It was four years ago this month I joined more than 300 residents of Stittsville at a rally to oppose the dump expansion,” said Mr. Sterling. “That spring I also introduced petitions opposing the expansion signed by almost 10,000 people. I will be drafting a new petition and working with the Stop the Dump group again to make sure the landfill is closed for good.”

According to the Ministry of Environment permit issued in 1994, the Carp Landfill had been expected to reach capacity and be closed this year. In 2006 Waste Management released a plan to more than triple the capacity of the Carp Dump and extend its life by 25 years. The opposition from the community was overwhelming and Waste Management withdrew it plans. Now, four years later, Waste Management is trying again, albeit with a plan that involves more positive environmental initiatives but still includes a huge expansion of the landfill site.

“I don’t object to the development of a recycling facility at this location, but it is an inappropriate place for a landfill,” said Mr. Sterling. “When the dump was originally opened, it was in a rural, undeveloped area, but now it is in a fast growing suburb of Ottawa close to hundreds of homes. We need to fight to protect these communities.”

According to the plan this expansion will accommodate mainly industrial and commercial waste. Currently only 12 percent of industrial and commercial waste is diverted from landfill through recycling or reuse programs. “That dismal diversion rate of only 12 percent is the main reason for expanding the Carp Dump,” said Mr. Sterling. “If the McGuinty Government had even tried to accomplish its promised 60 percent diversion rate then the people of Stittsville and Kanata wouldn’t be facing another fight to protect their community.”