We Must Learn From History

For the past 27 years I have lived about one and a half kms. from the current Carp road landfill. When I went the first open house for the current site in 1987, I asked all the same questions that people today are asking. How big will it be? How long will it operate? Will my family be impacted? Etc.

I was told it should be full in about 11 years and there will be little impact on the community and in fact there will be community benefits. I believed what I heard and decided that as a good neighbour I would accept the proposal.

Since then:

I have watched as the mountain of garbage has grown higher than I was told,

I seen an ever growing plume of contaminated groundwater,

I lived through year after year of nauseating stink,

I have been embarrassed to have company over for visits etc.

Now here we are in 2012 and I feel like I am back in 1987 except now  I know not to believe anything and if we don’t stand-up and stop this now I or maybe my children and grandchildren will be back here in 2025 or 2030 making the same arguments.

If we look 90 to 100 years into the future we can either see a world class National Capital managing the solid waste resource in an effective and environmentally sensitive manner. Or a struggling city with a huge pile of garbage in the middle that continues to negatively impact the environment at never ending costs to taxpayers.

The Carp Road site never was a good site for a landfill operation of the size it has become; and surely the center of a rapidly growing community where families live work and play is no place for a new landfill.